Thursday, April 5, 2012

Your Eyes

So, Savannah in her quest for scholarships created a video she titled, "Your Eyes." The theme she had to follow was, Heritage or Families. She had the idea brewing in her mind for about a year and we finally helped her finish it last December. She needed all of the family---minus Shelby and Curtis and little Smith. Late one night following a basketball game of Annabelle's when we were all home we helped her create her masterpiece. She told us what to wear, she did the makeup hair of everyone. She gathered the props and got the ok from Jonsi (songwriter) to use his song in her video. It took many hours of blood, sweat and tears but the end result is unbelievable!!!! We love it! She is a finalist for the Walker Rising Star Scholarship. The highest award being a $5000 scholarship. But all the finalist have already won, everyone gets some amount of a scholarship. They range from $1,000 to $5,000. She will be presented at Ruth Eckerd Hall on May 24th for the final judging. It is quite an honor and I am so thrilled at what she has done. This kind of editing and piecing is quite difficult. I wanted to share! Hope you enjoy!!!!

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